Meat products

In our meat plant we use meat from livestock which have been nurtured using professional and diligent methods. The unique characteristics and rural flavours of our meat products are the results of many years of experience.

Nádudvari májasok

Liver pates

Gluten- and lactose-free

Liver pate is one of our oldest and most traditional products. It is made from carefully selected ingredients using unique recipe. The gluten-and lactose-free Nádudvari liver pate is a real Hungarian delicacy, with characteristically rich flavours.

Nádudvari liver pate 110 g

Nádudvari liver pate with marjoram 110g

Nádudvari liver pate with chives 110g

Nádudvari liver pate 400 g

Nádudvari liver pate 1000 g

Nádudvari liverwurst bácskai style 200 g

Nádudvari liverwurst bácskai style 800 g

Nádudvari kolbászok


The countryside flavour

Perfect proportions and harmonious aromas are the characteristic of Nádudvari’s sausages. Whether it’s the archetypically Hungarian Debrecen sausage, delicious Bavarian sausages, or the summer season favourite of grill sausages, our production methods are based on both experience and innovation.

Nádudvari mini Bavarian sausage 500 g

Nádudvari Debrecen sausage 300 g

Nádudvari Debrecen sausage hot 300 g

Nádudvari mini Debrecen sausage 800 g

Nádudvari mini Bavarian sausage 800 g

Nádudvari mini Debrecen sausage 500 g

Nádudvari disznósajt

Head cheese

Smoked with Oak

The Nádudvari head cheese is a real speciality. It is one of the most popular dishes in the region. By using local traditional seasoning, impeccable materials and our professional experience, we ensure a high quality and an authentic rural flavour.

Nádudvari head cheese

Nádudvari head cheese 200 g

Nádudvari head cheese

Nádudvari disznótoros


The taste of tradition

The traditional pork sausage is the crown representative of the original Hungarian taste. The secret of our blood pudding can be found in the aromatic spices, while for our liver sausages, the secret is its subtle flavouring. The grilled sausages are there to put the dot on the ‘i’.

Nádudvari liverwurst and sausage pack 350g

Nádudvari liverwurst 350g

Nádudvari black pudding 350g

Nádudvari pork sausage for frying 350g

Nádudvari szalonna


Deliciously clever!

In the Nádudvari bacon product palette, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes. Whether it’s traditional salty bacon, or the most unique spiced bacon, our motto is quality. Oak wood is used to give our smoked bacon its unique taste.

Nádudvari salty bacon

Nádudvari erdélyi bacon

Nádudvari erdélyi bacon with paprika

Nádudvari Frankfurters


What can not be missing from the kitchen

The unmistakable flavours of Nádudvari frankfurters come from their careful preparation. The combination of tastefully selected materials and special seasoning creates a real gourmet treat.

Nádudvari Frankfurter 240g

Nádudvari Frankfurter 900g

Nádudvari Frankfurter

Nádudvari mini Frankfurter 800 g

Nádudvari mini Frankfurter 500 g

Nádudvari Cold cuts


Cold cuts

Always to hand

The Nádudvari cold cuts are made exclusively with high quality, well-selected raw materials. We can thank the countryside for the flavours and seasonings that give these cold cuts their unique characteristics.

Nádudvari luncheon meat

Nádudvari cold cut spring style

Prepared meat

Exciting experience

Our prepared meat product is highly recommended for those who would like a substantial meat, but do not want to stay in the kitchen all day long.
With Nádudvari even stuffed cabbage is not difficult.
The specialty of this traditional dish is the typical seasoning of the countryside and the secret is the unique taste of Nyírség cabbage.

Nádudvari stuffed cabbage 1000g

Grill sausage

summer favourite

Essential part of the summer garden parties. Our grill sausages have high meat contect, and are available with cheese, mustard and chili flavour so that everyone can find the suitable one.

Nádudvari grill sausage with cheese 300g

Nádudvari grill sausage with chili 300g

Nádudvari grill sausage with mustard 300g