Dairy products

Our dairy products evoke the countryside flavour and aroma due to our perfectly integrated production process – from farm to our table. Their specialty is that not only the basic dairy products but also the flavoured milk products are made without artificial colours, flavours or food additives.

Nádudvari tej


Proteins, nutritional vitamins (A, D, and B12), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc)

It is full of natural nutrients, delicious and versatile. In other words, full of vitality and health. The high calcium content of Nádudvari’s dairy products brings a real rural experience to the table.

Nádudvari milk 2,8% 1 l

Nádudvari milk 2,8% 0,5 l

Nádudvari milk 2,8% 200 ml

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese

Protein, calcium

Easily digestible, low in fat, and indispensable in the kitchen. It can owe its unique rough textureto the cheese masters’ knowledge and is based on the traditional foundations of our technology. The secret of the popular home-style character can be found in the microclimate of sodic Hortobágy and in the milk of individual dairy farms in the Plains.

Nádudvari cottage cheese half fat 450 g

Nádudvari cottage cheese half fat 250 g

Nádudvari cottage cheese light 250 g

Sour Cream l

Sour Cream

The foundation of Hungarian cuisine/em>


The flavour of Nádudvari’s sour cream has only one secret: it’s made of fresh milk and skimmed pasteurized cream. It owes its pleasant acidity and aroma to a special lactic acid bacteria. Its unique feature is that it combines the beneficial effect of a nutritious high-fat product with the digestive properties of fermented milk products.

Nádudvari sour cream 20% 330 g

Nádudvari sour cream 20% 140 g

Nádudvari sour cream 12% 330 g

Nádudvari sour cream 25% 270 g



Stomach friendly with probiotics

It is no coincidence that the word of Turkish origin ‘keif’ means to feel good. Due to the nature and sparkling probiotics in it, kefir is refreshing, promotes intestinal function, and has many natural vitamins that are beneficial for the body.

Nádudvari kefir 330 g

Nádudvari kefir 150 g

Nádudvari joghurt


To our health!

Rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, mineral salt, but low in calories. Not only is yoghurt the perfect complement to diets, but due to its probiotic content it has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and aids digestion as well.

Nádudvari yoghurt 3% 330 g

Nádudvari yoghurt 1,4% 150 g

Nádudvari yoghurt 3% 150 g

Nádudvari Butter


The „cream” of milk

One of the oldest foods that crown our traditional meals and help to revive the culture of food preparation. Nowadays, fat-soluble-vitamin-rich butter is beginning to regain its leading position from margarine. There is no better evidence than that in 2008 our spreads and butter product category won the Hungarian Quality Product Award.

Nádudvari butter 100 g

Nádudvari Butter cream

Butter cream

An enhanced experience in spreads

No need to search any further for our secret than the raw materials we use: the Hungarian Quality Product Award winner Nádudvari butter increases the intensity of the flavour and creaminess, while for a more mature, more complex flavour, we add our Nádudvari sour cream. Made without E-numbered food additives, our Nádudvari plain butter cream is available in natural, Hungarian and chive flavours.

Nádudvari butter spread natural 180 g

Nádudvari butter spread Hungarian 180 g

Nádudvari butter spread with chives 180 g

Nádudvari körözött


Ancient food of shepherds

The secret to good food is good material. This product won the Hungarian Products Award and is made with our famous sour cream, cottage cheese and butter. It’s a refreshing, aromatic delicacy thanks to the typical region-based flavourings. Not only the flavours, but also our preparation methods are traditional, as all of these products are made without additives.

Nádudvari liptauer natural 150 g

Nádudvari liptauer with chives 150 g

Nádudvari liptauer spicy 150 g

Nádudvari Cream cheese

Cream cheese

A bite of nature

Variety delights! Our special soft cream cheese comes in three flavours to enchant our senses. It’s made without artificial additives and the secret to the Nádudvari cream cheese is tradition and innovation in perfect harmony.

Nádudvari cream cheese with chives 150 g

Nádudvari cream cheese Hungarian 150 g

Nádudvari cream cheese natural 150 g

Nádudvari Curd cream

Curd cream

The dessert of pupils

This especially Hungarian product features not only our highest quality Nádudvari curd cheese but also – depending on the flavour – Nádudvari yoghurt, butter or sour cream. Traditional vanilla and plum and cherry flavours are also available for our milk-based dessert, which does not contain any artificial additives. For preserving we exclusively use heat treatment. Our curd cream owes its creaminess to added natural ingredients.

Nádudvari curd cream with sour cherry 90g

Nádudvari curd cream with raisin 90g

Nádudvari curd cream with vanilla 90g