Frozen Products

Quick, easy, yet healthy

What makes our frozen product range special is its diversity. Our breaded vegetable products which can be prepared in 5-10 minutes, without oil are unique in the market. In addition, our frozen cheese and meat products can be considered real delicacies.

Nádudvari Cheeses



Can be prepared without oil!

Quick, healthy and irresistibly delicious.
Our breaded cheese specialties are recommended not only for vegetarians, they offer a delicious experience for everyone.

Nádudvari breaded camembert 350 g

Nádudvari breaded mozzarella snack 350 g

Nádudvari breaded Port Salut cheese 450 g

Nádudvari Vegetables



Favoured by many housewives

There is a quick solution for advocates of a healthy lifestyle: breaded vegetables! A real speciality in the market, our breaded vegetables can be both fried in oil or cooked in the oven.

Nádudvari breaded cauliflower 450 g

Nádudvari breaded brocoli 450 g

Nádudvari breaded mushroom 400 g

Nádudvari breaded vegetable balls 450 g

Nádudvari breaded onion rings 450 g

Nádudvari Meat



Quickly, the real thing

Our wide selection of products includes breaded and fried meats as well as dumplings for soup. Whether csevapcsicsa kebabs, hamburgers or breaded meats, a quick solution is always at hand.

Nádudvari breaded chicken breast 600 g

Nádudvari breaded pork 600 g

Nádudvari hamburger 1000 g

Nádudvari beefburger 500 g

Nádudvari csevapcsicsa 450 g

Nádudvari liver dumpling 250 g

Nádudvari meat dumpling 250 g

Nádudvari stuffed cabbage 1 kg