Rebranding at Nádudvari

Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. is going to have a facelift: new brand logo, new product packaging and new marketing communications. Located near the Hortobágy National Park, the100% Hungarian-owned company’s products are present in three business sectors: dairy products, meat products and frozen food. The benefits of these new products are also indicated on the package with three different stamps: “Hungarian in every flavour”, “E-free” and “Home flavours – country feeling.”


The “Hungarian in every flavour” seal indicates that the product was made in Hungary, by Hungarians using only Hungarian raw materials and production methods.

The “E-free” seal indicates that the labelled products are free of artificial colours, flavours, thickeners and other additives or preservatives that usually have an E-identification number.

The “Home flavours” seal on our products means that we have maintained traditional Hungarian flavours, while meeting the demands of modern production technology.

Even with the design changes, it was important to express the brand’s philosophy: tradition and progress. While the exterior is renewed, on the inside these products preserve traditional values, and therefore, continue to deliver the same original Hungarian flavours and gastronomic values.