Gluten-and lactose-free products Nádudvar

With a number of professional awards behind us, it’s important that we not only maintain our level, but further improve quality the quality of our products. In this spirit, in 2008 we created our unique E-free product line and in 2013, our gluten-and lactose-free liver pate product line, which won the Hungarian Quality Product Award.

Rebranding at Nádudvari

Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. is going to have a facelift: new brand logo, new product packaging and new marketing communications. Located near the Hortobágy National Park, the100% Hungarian-owned company’s products are present in three business sectors: dairy products, meat products and frozen food. The benefits of these new products are also indicated on the package with three different stamps: “Hungarian in every flavour”, “E-free” and “Home flavours – country feeling.”

2013: the most dynamic brand in the business: Nádudvari

Based on an online Élelmiszer article:

To obtain the title of Magyar Brands the company must go through an expert committee to examine the Nádudvari brand tradition: where the brand is present on domestic market, for how long and also other objective criteria including the ownership structure of the brand, management composition, and proportion of the domestic company employees. Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. has a 100% Hungarian ownership, the management are home professionals, and it employs 189 people.

Coop Rally 2013

Based on Élelmiszer Online

“The social aspect of the Coop Rally has become a tradition. The objective of the rally remains the same today as it did eight years ago: to provide an alliance for Hungarian producers recalled Lajos Csepeli. The Chairman of the Board stated that more than 90 cars starting on the first day of the two-day competition visited its partners in eastern Hungary, the rally starting from site of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Kft. in Dunaharaszti then heading to the Detki Keksz Kft. factory in Halmajugra.

Nádudvari has been awarded again

Nádudvari was handed over this year’s Hungarian Quality Product Award at the recent awards ceremony. This award is given presented to business organisations whose goods and services prove a commitment to high quality.
Nádudvari continued innovating in 2013.