Nádudvari has been awarded again

Based on an online Élelmiszer article:
Nádudvari was handed over this year’s Hungarian Quality Product Award at the recent awards ceremony. This award is given presented to business organisations whose goods and services prove a commitment to high quality.
Nádudvari continued innovating in 2013. Following its current strategy, “Local flavours, rural atmosphere,” Nádudvari received the most prestigious recognition in the Quality and Innovation category of the award for its 25% sour cream and lactose- and gluten-free Nádudvari liver product line. This follows on from previous Hungarian Quality Product Award successes for Nádudvari products, namely butter (2008), cottage cheese (2009), Liptauer (2010), spreads (2011) and creamy cottage cheese (2012).
Nádudvar as a manufacturer endevaours to protect the traditional Hungarian flavours of dairy and meat products made with modern technology, in accordance with the prevailing market expectations, but working on preserving its customer base.
In recognition of its expertise in the field of Hungarian food processing for several decades the Hungarian Quality Product Award’s “Economic Award 2013” was awarded to Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft.