Gluten-and lactose-free products Nádudvar

With a number of professional awards behind us, it’s important that we not only maintain our level, but further improve quality the quality of our products. In this spirit, in 2008 we created our unique E-free product line and in 2013, our gluten-and lactose-free liver pate product line, which won the Hungarian Quality Product Award.
Glutén- és laktózmentes termékek Nádudvarról
For centuries the preparation of meat products required various additives. Unfortunately there is no possibility even with the latest technologies to completely avoid them, but Nádudvari’s professionals have precluded most of the allergens. According to a survey, nearly one-tenth of the Hungarian population suffers from gluten or lactose intolerance, and the number of people affected every year demands more gluten and lactose-free products. The first result of this research was a new product line for gluten-and lactose-free liver pate.
Our liver pate meat plant is Nádudvari’s icon. Although we are not the only company making this product, we are extremely proud of its proper home-cooked flavour of the Hajdúság. While other domestic meat establishments typically use wheat gluten- or lactose-containing additives in their products, we modernised our processes to avoid their use. Of course, in doing this, we have been careful to avoid changing either the taste or texture of our original liver pate. Our gluten- and lactose free liver pate is available in three flavours.