Coop Rally 2013

Based on Élelmiszer Online

“The social aspect of the Coop Rally has become a tradition. The objective of the rally remains the same today as it did eight years ago: to provide an alliance for Hungarian producers recalled Lajos Csepeli. The Chairman of the Board stated that more than 90 cars starting on the first day of the two-day competition visited its partners in eastern Hungary, the rally starting from site of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Kft. in Dunaharaszti then heading to the Detki Keksz Kft. factory in Halmajugra. The next stop was the North East Pro-COOP warehouse in Miskolc, followed by Freesia Hungary Kft. in Hajdúböszörmény.

2013: a legdinamikusabb üzleti márka a Nádudvari

That day, for the first time, the leaders of the Ministry of Rural Development held a roundtable discussion on the theme of “Hungarian product” regulation. On the second day, the participants started from Hajdúszoboszló, with the first stop being Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft., followed by the Debreceni Csoport Húsipari Kft. meat plant in Szolnok. They continued on to Univer Product Zrt. center in Kecskemét. That afternoon the rally visited COOP Super Store in Szeged, with the finish line and prize in Gyula.
The main patron of the Coop Rally has traditionally been the Ministry of Rural Development. But for the first time, as a participant in the rally, we welcomed Dr Sandor Fazekas, the ministry leader. Participating in the main press conference, he stressed the particular importance he attaches to COOP’s objectives to help Hungarian producers and traders, as well as help in the development of the Hungarian countryside. “The conscious consumer, business and trading practices designed to promote the government have also contributed to the Hungarian regulation of products and also to the ‘hungaricum’ law” – emphasized Dr. Fazekas, who considered it important that the previously estimated rate of 20 percent in conscious consumers has increased by 50 per cent thanks to the work of the past two or three years. “After all, the Hungarian agriculture and food industry is also taking part in a competition, it’s also a rally,” he stressed.
“This rally provides an opportunity each year for the different contributors to the food production chain to get to know each other’s values” said Dr. Endre Kardeván, who has been involved in the professional program for several years. The Ministry of Rural Development and overseer of the food production chain added that more and more people recognize that food production industry is only successful if every link in the food production chain is successful. He stressed that the government had first established an entire food chain verification process, but the work did not end in Europe: a ten-year strategy was being prepared to strengthen the awareness of consumers, producers and traders.