Both of Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft.’s manufacturing plants meet international food quality standards

After the meat plant, in the summer of 2014 our dairy plant received the International Food Standard (IFS) quality certificate.
Our company has a stable operation, a broadening customer base, and we seek to better serve our customer needs. Various activities are intended for this purpose, including operation of IFS Food Standard Version 6 of the IFS Food Safety Management System.
A Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. mindkét üzeme megfelel a nemzetközi élelmiszer-ipari minőségi elvárásoknak
When preparing our products, we strive to use the HACCP food safety principles, impeccable production environment and resources to create food safety. Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are used to develop, maintain and control hygienic operating procedures; to train personnel; and to enable continuous improvement and development.
With our suppliers we maintain a fair and mutually beneficial relationship; they believe in our long-term cooperation, which is key.
The environmental impact of our work is constantly reviewed, to identify necessary repairs and possible interventions. To protect environmental resources, we have gradually reduced and optimized energy-use in our plants. Particular attention is paid to the reduction of soil, water and air pollution as well as the reduction in quantity and proper handling of hazardous wastes.