2013: the most dynamic brand in the business: Nádudvari

Based on an online Élelmiszer article:

This year, the brand Nádudvari won the MOST DYNAMIC BUSINESS BRAND OF THE YEAR title!

To obtain the title of Magyar Brands the company must go through an expert committee to examine the Nádudvari brand tradition: where the brand is present on domestic market, for how long and also other objective criteria including the ownership structure of the brand, management composition, and proportion of the domestic company employees. Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. has a 100% Hungarian ownership, the management are home professionals, and it employs 189 people.
It is important to note that the experts studied subjective aspects – such as brand recognition and reputation and the identity of the domestic market – as well as objective measurable criteria.
Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. dynamically developed in recent years on the domestic market, as proved by annually increasing turnover figures. Awarded on the basis of the criteria mentioned above, Nádudvari Élelmiszer Kft. was awarded to Magyar Brands which we believe all employees should view as their own achievement.